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What to Do When Your Computer Dies

If you are faced with a laptop or PC that will not respond when you turn it on there is a chance it could be dead. Before you go and give it away to be recycled there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. It is possible that the computer could be fixed and that the problem is easily resolved. Here are a few steps to take to help bring your PC back to life.

External checks

·        Is the computer plugged in and all the wires are connected to the battery pack or power supply

·        If the power supply has an on and off switch check this is on the on position

·        Press the reset or on/off switch in as this could be stuck preventing the machine from booting up

·        Remove everything connected to your PC such as printers and keyboards. Leave only the monitor attached and see if you are able to start the machine

·        Is the monitor switched on? Unplug the power cord, plug it back in and click the on button

Internal Checks

If you are unsure of checking the insides of your PC leave these steps to someone who is more comfortable with the task.

·        Unplug the computer from the wall or the power supply

·        Remove everything connected to your PC such as the mouse, keyboard and printer

·        Take off the casing

·        Leave the motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler, memory and video card in place but remove everything else which isn’t needed for the PC to run

·        Plug the power supply back in and see if your computer will turn on.  If it does turn it off and add all the other components one a t a time, check to see if it causes problems with starting to help locate the problem

·        If the PC doesn’t turn on it could be down to one of the essential parts needed to power up the computer

You must be very careful if you plan on opening up your computer or laptop. Read your warranty and ensure it will not become void from your actions. If you are in anyway unsure of how to proceed contact the PC Doctor. Call 0121 704 2134 and speak to the experts about your PC problems and find the best solution.