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PC Doctor Testimonials

Below are just a few of the testimonials we have received from satisfied clients.  But for more reviews from Google users go to


We all enjoy some praise now and again for what we have done and here at PC Doctor we are not an exception, we also like a pat on the back.  But praise does not mean we can sit back and stick out our chests.


TONY: Could not be happier with the service received. There is simply no need for me to go anywhere else. Thanks PC Doctor.


For our team it means the bar has been raised again and we have to respond.  We know that you expect the best and PC Doctor cannot fall below the level that you our customers, as individuals and in business, have set for us.


DEREK: I run an employment law training consultancy, working from home, so IT support is very important to me. I am delighted to have the opportunity to say how pleased I am to have found Ben from PC Doctor. Efficient, friendly and with a refreshing can-do attitude, I can fully recommend him!


We like to ensure that our lady clients can be confident about contacting us.


JANE: Just so nice to know I have PC Doctor at the end of the phone. They seem to know it all and because of that I am a happy customer for life. Thank you for all your hard work, much appreciated.


Quite often we find that speed is of the essence when a call comes from a worried computer owner whether it is in high pressure business office environment or somebody who works from home or an individual who makes the kitchen table their work surface.


DAVID: Really great and speedy response. Good value and got they me out of a mess without any worries on my part. Highly recommended thanks PC Doctor.


We know we are satisfying our clients when they recommend us to family and friends.  As you know word of mouth is the best form of advertising.  As far PC Doctor knows it does not get any better. Here’s another lady.


JACKY: I cannot say enough nice things about the PC Doctor team. I have passed them on to a number of my family and friends and they have were all raving about the service they received. Thanks PC Doctor, I will never need to look elsewhere.


You can contact us in the knowledge you will not be subjected to computer speak and as Russ points out below we respond in non-technical language and do the job at a reasonable price.


RUSS: PC Doctor is very responsive. They fully understand when I describe my PC problems in my non-technical manner and quickly resolve the issues for me. The cost is also reasonable considering the services are provided at my home. I would recommend them.


And finally . . .


ULVERLEY: My life is so much easier since I met Pc Doctor. I used to get so mad with my computer. Now I just make one call and it's all sorted. Thanks guys, my computer life could not be better.