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You’ve scratched your head then tried another helpline to no avail and again probably paid 75p a minute to get nowhere.  But 0121 704 2134
is the route to PC Doctor when your PC or business system has gone down.


You will be in contact with our friendly team who know what it’s like when a computer starts playing up.  Just like you they own computers which have been unexpectedly temperamental.


We are good listeners and our response is to give you some reassurance that your PC or system will be up and running again very quickly without dramas. Some helplines often advise a worried client to reload the operating system because it works in most cases.


They may forget to tell you that you will usually need to reload all your programs, printers, scanners, digital cameras, graphics card drivers and other

devices. Data on your hard drive will also have been lost.


We give IT support and that means you will get any assistance you require.  You are not on your own.  In addition PC Doctor has a 24-hour call out whether it’s to a business, a home or clubhouse.


PC Doctor’s highly trained team of specialists does not have the “it works in most cases” philosophy.  Your call, in fact every call we receive, is special – and it’s a special individual service we give to your problem big or small.  This simple approach to our business has resulted in thousands of very satisfied customers.  We rectify problems.


Perhaps you are concerned about something which could be no more than a gremlin in the system or you have some uncertainty about how to use a program.  Then come to us and I am sure we can talk you through it if that’s all it needs.


Computer parts sometimes fail but can be replaced fairly quickly in a standard desktop PC or laptop.  We also like to keep you posted on what’s happening if we have to take the computer away.  As an example a hard drive failure can result in the loss of your data but our sister company can, at your request, attempt a data recovery.  Before they start retrieval they will advise you of the percentage of data which can be recovered if it’s not 100 per cent.


It is more common for a PC or laptop to have a software problem than a hardware failure and our wide experience means our team can reduce the amount of time spent correcting the difficulty.  That’s a cost cutting benefit.


So, if you are still wondering what to do next give PC Doctor a call on 0121 704 2134.