We provide parts and replacements for all major and common computer components and devices. From CPUs and motherboards to laptop batteries and screens.

SSDs & Performance

SSDs (Solid state drives) are one of the best ways to improve a PCs or laptops performance. They are significantly faster than traditional HDDs (Hard disk drives) and getting faster year on year.

How it works (a simple explanation):

An operating system boots from a main hard drive (SSD or HDD), this is called the “boot drive”. So, with a faster “boot drive”, booting and loading times will be significantly improved, making the device feel much more responsive.

Which Connection?

There are two common types of connection for SSDs nowadays. The standard SATA cable and the M.2 slot. Your device will determine which type of SSD you can use.


SATA SSDs are a quick replacement for HDDs as they use the same internal connectors (SATA cables)

SSD Kingston
SSD Samsung

The M.2 Slot

The M.2 slot can use the SATA interface and/or the much faster NVMe interface (dependant on device). It is easy to get confused as both have similar connections, but the device will dictate which interface for the M.2 slot you have to use.

NVME Samsung

LCDs & Touch Screens

Broken LCD screens or laptops booting to a black screen usually just need an LCD screen replacement to get them back up and runnings.

LCD Screen
MacBook Screen

Cases, Palmrests & Screen Lids

Loose screens and opening cases will need either the top, bottom and or screen lid replaced to get them good as new again.

Laptop Parts

There are a lot of parts that can go wrong with a laptop and due to their nature they can be quite easily dropped and damaged. Most of the time getting replacement parts is cheaper than purchasing a new laptop. We can provide replacement parts for most laptops and brands to help you get them back up and running.


Poor battery life or none booting laptops can be caused by a worn out or failing battery.

Internal Battery
External Battery