At Ben the PC Doctor, our aim is not only to offer the best IT & technical support to our customers, but also to build relationships with them so they know they have someone they can trust, on hand, to sort any of their technical IT issues. Our customers needs are one of the most important focuses for us and will explain and provide the best options, tailored to their specific situation, for each individual job.

We won’t tell you to buy a new computer if you don’t need to. We won’t suggest something to you that you don’t need, or didn’t come us for, just to make a sale. We will only offer and recommend things that will sort your issue or help you achieve what you are after in the most straight forward way, to keep things as simple as they can be.

We have lots of customers with various levels of computing knowledge and abilities. Some come back to us every couple of years, and some are more frequent, just looking for help with any small questions or issues they may have.

What ever your ability, one of our friendly technicians will be on hand to help and sort your IT issues.