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PC keeps crashing

Help My Computer Keeps Crashing

Do you have the blue screen of death? Or does your PC constantly freeze so your only option is to turn it off and on again? If so your computer is trying to tell you that it needs some attention. You are risking losing all of your files and programs and it is possible that you may have to replace the whole computer if you ignore these warning signals.

The blue screen of death is the function built into windows to stop the PC when problems are detected. It could be a small issue that can be easily repaired, or something more sinister.  It is possible that all you need to do is reboot your PC and the problem may go away, however, this is not often the case. You might find the problem is solved for a short time, but it may return, more frequently and cause more damage each time.

If the reboot didn’t help or the problem has returned you will need to diagnose the problem and find out why it is happening.

·        If you have recently installed some new hardware it could be causing a problem. Remove the hardware and see if the problem is solved if it returns. It if comes back you know it’s not a result of the new hardware.

·        Start your PC is safe mode and run your anti-virus software. That will pick up and viruses or malware that could be causing the problem. If corrupted files are detected erase them and reboot your computer and see how it performs.

·        If you don’t see any difference after the scan or if nothing was detected reboot the machine and run a system restore. Go back to a recent restore point as this may remove the program or file which is causing the problem.

·        If nothing seems to help try and make a copy of the error code that shows up on the blue screen. You may be able to find out some information about the cause and the cures online.


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