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Help! How Do I Install Software on a New PC?

A new PC often comes with lots of pieces of in-built software. However it is inevitable that you will need to install lots of additional pieces to have the machine how you want it. This could involve adding drivers for pieces of hardware such as your printer, it could be games or office software.

1.      Check to see that you have the right disc which is required for the install. You can also obtain installation software off the Internet. This has to be downloaded and then installed off the hard drive. Make sure you are not required to download anything additional to make the software work, and if you do need to download this at the same time, before you get started.

2.      You might have to turn off your anti-virus software in order for the installation to complete. It’s a good idea to scan your PC before you turn this off and then once more after the installation is complete and you have turned the anti-virus back on.

3.      Place the disc in the PC or start the installation by clicking run on the downloaded software. When you need to install anything on the PC you will need to ensure it is heading in the right place.  You will need to select or create an appropriate folder and place it somewhere where you are able to find it if there are any problems. You will also have to make sure that the operating system and capacity of your PC is able to handle what you are installing.

4.      The set up wizard will run and from there you can simply go through the processes as prompted on screen.  After you have completed the wizard it is a good idea to restart your PC even if you are not asked to do so.

The whole process can be carried out by those with little to no experience in installing files and programs on to a PC. However, if you are not confident in performing these tasks it can be useful to speak to an expert. The PC Doctor is able to help you with any problems and questions you may have. Call 0121 704 2134 for a free quote today.