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Your PC runs slowly

Is Your PC Running Slow?

Slow running PCs can be extremely frustrating, especially when you have a number of tasks which need attending to. There is no need to let a slow running PC hold up your day and you don’t need to be an expert to fix many of the causes.  These following simple steps can help to speed things up and allow you to continue with your tasks without any delay.

1.      Defragment

Defragment should be carried out quite often as it helps to keep everything in your PC organised and in place. Without frequent defragmentation your PC will slow to a crawl and it can be easily fixed. Simply use the defragment tool which is built into Windows and carry out the task manually, or select automatic so the PC can perform the task without you having to do anything.  You should never defragment a Solid State Drive. Don't even think about it. The reason is that physical data placement on an SSD is handled solely by the SSD's firmware, and what it reports to Windows is NOT how the data is actually stored on the SSD.

2.      Give your disk a spring clean

Checking your hard drive is a good place to try and speed up your machine. Check to see if you have enough room left for your computer to operate, a good rule of thumb is to leave about 10% of your capacity free at all times. You can go through your files and programs and manually remove anything you no longer need or use or there are programs to help you available online.

3.      Check for malware and spyware

You should have an anti-virus and malware software installed on your PC (if you haven’t got one as soon as possible).  Malware can be picked up anywhere and can cause speed issues. Frequently scan your PC to get rid of any infections and to prevent them from being downloaded. Set up the anti-virus software to run at frequent intervals just in case you forget to check manually.

4.      Check the registry

If you are not competent with your PC it is best to use a piece of software to check your registry. Errors can slow down your machine but they can be hard to find. Run the software a few times to try and capture any problems and correct them. After the checks are complete remember to restart your PC for all the changes to take effect.

If you would like to talk to someone about any problems with your PC call the PC Doctor on 0121 704 2134 and ask for assistance.