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Windows will not start

Windows Won’t Boot Up

Without windows operating you can be shut out of your PC or laptop.  This can cause major problems and you could find that you are unable to save a record of all your files and folders on the hard drive. At times like these many people realise how important it is to perform frequent back-ups.  Here are some tips on what to do if you have tried to turn on your PC and laptop only to discover that the operating system is won’t start.

·        Current versions of Windows the operating system, have a start-up repair tool built in. The repair tool will scan your PC and try to fix it so that no further action is required. You need to open the System Recovery Options menu that can be found on the hard disk and the installation disc.

·        When Windows detects an issue with the start-up process the Start-up Repair will start to scan immediately looking for problems.  The tool is able to deal with issues such as damaged system files and missing files. The tool will not be able to fix any hard disk problems, issues with memory and hardware failures.

·        It is worth noting that the Start-up repair is unable to back up any files and recover lost documents. This is why it is so important to create frequent back up discs or to save your information on a removable hard drive.

·        If the start-up repair is unable to repair the problem you may have to consider a system recovery. You will need the installation discs and all of the data on your hard drive will be lost. Put the disc into your computer and follow the instructions.  The process can take a long time to compete and if you do not have the installation discs you might need to send away for them. Most new PCs and laptops don’t include installation discs anymore and it is down to the users to make a copy off the hard drive.

If Windows is no longer booting and you are unable to fix the problem contact the PC Doctor immediately.  Telephone the PC Doctor on 0121 704 2134 for help and assistance.